Knights of Cardano
Guardians of the World's Historical and Cultural Heritage

Good morrow, delegator!

Welcome to our fortress of decentralization, where the fees are low and the standards are high.

When you sake with us, you contribute to safeguarding cultural heritage from natural and human-made disasters around the world. A quarter of the pool margin goes to charities preserving historical and cultural treasures. The rest of the income is invested back in the pool to ensure its steady growth towards a sustainable level.

We are committed to deliver the best service in every aspect of our single pool for the long term.
Your staked ADA can rest easy on bare-metal servers that were forged by our best blacksmiths.

Join our journey, stake with us!

25% of margin
Fixed Cost
340 ₳
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Pool Specifications

We crafted fully dedicated and strong bare-metal servers for our single pool operation.
Remote backups can also be brought online at a moment's notice.

Relay Nodes

4 x 2.0GHz


Arch Linux

SSD 256Go



300 Mbps


Stable UPS

Core Node

4 x 1.5GHz


Ubuntu LTS

SSD 500Go

Why Stake with Us

We are a truly decentralized single pool, you support the Cardano ecosystem when staking with us.
We keep it reliable, efficient, safe, charitable, and simple.


Stakepool running 24/7 with high standards of security and redundancy


We contribute to preserving cultural heritage through donations


Your staked ADA is not blocked and never leaves your wallet


Receive automatic rewards after each block-producing epoch


Respectful of the environment using truly low carbon electricity


We provide proofs of donations made to charity, posted on this website


Reach us by email or telegram, we will answer your questions promptly


Stake with us, wear a helm, and ride your horse into the sunset


Cultural heritage is one of the biggest treasures of humankind and can be considered a universal good, that is why we believe it is our duty to respect it and to actively protect it.

Knights of Cardano have for mission to safeguard historical sites and monuments that are in danger. For this purpose, we donate 25% of the pool's margin to charities and organizations protecting cultural heritage against natural and human-made disasters.

Such patrimony is invaluable and often irreplaceable when lost. Some notable examples of disastrous total loss or partial loss of heritage include the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas, the bombardment of the ancient city of Aleppo, the looting of the National Museum of Irak, as well as the fire of Notre Dame de Paris. Many other cultural treasures in danger do not get as much publicity and are silently being mismanaged. There are hundreds of castles in danger of decaying away worldwide if they don't receive the necessary help to be preserved. Save our castles, stake with us!

Organizations with missions aligned with ours and that can receive our donations:

Blue Shield
World Heritage Centre
World Monuments Fund

You would like to add your charity to the list? You know of a charity that needs our help? Let us know!
Smaller scale charities are more than welcome.

Donation History

The pool has not received its first reward yet, help us get there !

Frequently Asked Questions

What is staking / delegating?

A stake represents ADA held on the Cardano network, with its size being proportional to the amount of ADA held.
Delegating your stake (also commonly called staking) to a pool gives this pool more chances to add the next block to the blockchain, if the pool is not over-saturated.
When blocks are added (minted) by the pool you chose for delegation, you and all other delegators of this pool automatically get rewards for it. Each delegator gets rewards proportional to the amount of ADA they delegated to the pool.

How to delegate to Knights of Cardano pool?

The process is straightforward, in a few steps:
1. Buy ADA on Binance or Kraken;
2. Transfer your ADA to Daedalus Wallet or Yoroi Wallet;
3. Go to the staking / delegation section of your wallet and search for "KNGHT":
[KNGHT] Knights of Cardano
Pool ID: 41ddaaf2303176365dc36a58483aa8aba694da490d04d84783d418e1

4. Click delegate and choose the wallet you want to use for staking.
All done, thank you for staking with us, enjoy your upcoming rewards!

How much will I earn by staking?

You can use the official Reward Calculator to estimate how much you may earn by staking your ADA. This provides an estimate and does not necessarily reflect the reward amount which depends on several factors, such as stake pool performance and changes to network parameters from the Cardano Foundation.

When will I receive my staking rewards?

The first time that you delegate, you will receive the first rewards after the time needed until the end of the current epoch + 3 epochs.
One epoch equals to 5 days, so this is equivalent to 15 to 20 days.
After that, you will receive rewards after every epochs (every 5 days).

Do I need to pay anything for staking?

If it is the first time ever that you delegate to a pool, 2 ₳ from your wallet will be used as a deposit for saving the delegation certificate on-chain. If you decide one day to undelegate, the 2 ₳ will be returned to you.
When you delegate to a new pool, you only have to pay a one-time transaction fee (typically ~0.2 ₳).

Is there a minimum amount for staking?

There is no minimum amount for staking.
But, in order to be able to delegate to a new pool, you still need to have a wallet with some ADA to pay the one-time transaction fee (typically ~0.2 ₳) and, if it is the first time ever that you delegate to a pool, you must also have 2 ₳ in your wallet that will be used as deposit for saving the delegation certificate on-chain (which will be returned to you if you decide to undelegate).

Is it safe to stake my ADA? Can I lose my ADA?

It is 100% safe, you can never ever loose your ADA through staking because it never leaves your wallet.
You basically only use your right to delegate and indicate which pool you want to support, without actually transferring your ADA. Do not trust anyone asking you to actually transfer you ADA somewhere in order to delegate.

What are the pool's fees / margin / costs ?

There are 2 types of fees for a staking pool: the fixed fee and the variable fee.
Both of the fees apply to the staking rewards of the pool, not to the ADA staked to the pool.
- Fixed fee: fixed amount of ADA received by the pool operator for each epoch that produced a block. The minimum possible fee is 340 ₳ (set by the Cardano foundation), which is the cost used for our stakepool. This cost is taken from the rewards, delegators do not have to pay for it
‍- Variable fee (margin): variable amount (%) of the total rewards received by the pool operator. For our stakepool, there is a variable fee of 1.5%.
Once the rewards are calculated, and that the fixed fee and variable fee have been automatically deduced, the rest of the rewards are automatically distributed to the delegators.

Stake Pool Operator

Hail fellow Cardanian, well met! It’s your pool operator here. I’m a researcher and programmer working in the field of AI, and I spend my free time happily contributing to the decentralization of the Cardano network.

My love for technology coupled with my fascination for history led to the initial idea for the mission of this pool – to protect the invaluable historical and cultural heritage from destruction, with the help of technology. 

I develop this pool with the greatest care and intend to keep it running until the end of times. I regularly update software, hardware, security, and monitoring aspects of the pool to provide the best experience possible from an operator and delegator point of view.

If you like the idea and would like to become a knight of Cardano, please go ahead and delegate to the pool! For any question, do not hesitate to join the telegram group or send me an email.


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